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Spanish Online

¡Hola! Do you want to communicate in Spanish? You can learn Spanish online via Skype! Contact us and start your Spanish courses! Material included.

Spanish Online via Skype
Spanish Online con La vida es texto.

How we teach Spanish online

We teach Spanish online for all levels, from basic to advanced, using as learning support Spanish grammar books a1, a2, b1, b2, c1 and c2 in PDF. We adapt the textbook content to each student’s needs. In addition to grammar theory and practice, all classes include conversation dynamics.

Skype classes

Courses are designed based on individual requirements, based on schedule availability and personal motivations, whether they are related to pleasure, work, travel, studies or any other reason. We follow the book and we also recommend movies, TV series, literature, exercise pages, blogs and much more so that you learn more and better. It is a mini dive, made from your computer, your phone or your favorite mobile device.

The Spanish language system

We help you understand, listen, write and speak with the Spanish language system. We study: the three verbal modes: indicative, subjunctive and imperative; verb groups -ar, -er. -go, including: regular, irregular, pronominal, non-pronominal; to be and to be, to have and to have, by and for (and more problems of the Spanish); general and special vocabulary (business, professions, travel, culture); prepositions and their use, written and colloquial expressions… and more!

La vida en español

Also, we have La vida en español, a very interesting section about understanding, living and feeling day by day, but in a language different from yours. There, we wrote about culture, grammar, vocabulary, the types of Spanish that exist in the world, the keywords you need to travel, in addition to the importance of Spanish in schools, university and business today.

Payment via Paypal

Payment is made through PayPal. For more information, contact us now.

Spanish online.
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